Interview with Steven Kramer CEO of WorkJam on Frontline Retail Workforce Tech

 Recorded live on Clubhouse on May 26, 2021.

Steven Kramer, WorkJam CEO, participated in an engaging discussion in front of a live audience on Clubhouse. The discussion centered around the WorkJam solution and how it meets the needs of today’s retailers.

  • 1:11 – Steven Introduction & WorkJam Introduction
  • 5:17 – IT Consolidation & Other Major Benefits of WorkJam
  • 8:22 – The impact missing a shift has, personally, on a frontline employee
  • 10:59 – Thesis of dollars & hearts: Save organizations money while winning the hearts of employees
  • 15:10 – How does WorkJam help crowdsource labor?
  • 22:25 – Maintaining national, regional, and local compliance
  • 24:25 – Product Development 
  • 30:18 – Question from audience: How does WorkJam solve for omni-transactions and the tasks associated, in stores? How do you react to an influx of omnichannel tasks?
  • 37:36 – Emerging technologies – Self-healing processes
  • 41:15 – Demand in 2021

May 26, 2021 / Retail Tech Podcast

Interested in learning more?

WorkJam offers four communication solutions that can fit a wide array of use cases. All four apply the principle of targeting your audience, no matter how narrow or broad an audience the message requires:

1. Realtime Messaging – As the name implies, get your operational messages out ASAP.

2. Mandatory Messaging – Rest assuredly that your critical messages are seen & read. Get feedback & insight from the field.

3. Channel Messaging – Deliver content curated by topic and subject matter pertinent to the frontline audience that needs to read, react, and collaborate.

4. Survey Messaging – Check their pulse & gather feedback, confidentially, with multi-choice and free-form questions. Answers cannot be seen by others, ensuring honest insight.

Dive deeper into the topic, access a datasheet on internal communications below.

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