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Start Communicating With Your Entire Frontline Within 5 Days

WorkJam’s Digital Workplace Platform is built specifically for employers of frontline workers and the complexities of such businesses. Globally we have more than 1.5 million employees using our software across multiple blue-chip companies that consider our solution mission critical and strategic.

As the leader in our field, we believe that we have a responsibility to help businesses and frontline employees confront the disruption to the economy caused by COVID-19. We also believe it’s equally important for you to be thinking about the next steps in this unprecedented time such as getting your staff back to work, training them, performing mandatory health polling, task management, reducing the use of shared devices, flexible scheduling, and being agile as a whole.

As such, WorkJam is offering our communication, survey, and training modules in a package that can be implemented in just 5 days — from start to finish. We are using our proven methodology to provide a low risk, low effort deployment that will result in a material impact. Over the past weeks, this package has proven to be a game changer for many companies. We also are working with our customers to plan for their business recovery and future business resiliency.

You should be considering this package if:

  1. You are a large enterprise or mid-market company that employs non-desk workers
  2. You are an essential service, temporarily closed, and/or have furloughed employees
  3. You need enterprise security and privacy in an easy to deploy solution
  4. You want to provide real time information that keeps teams safe, informed, involved, and respected
  5. You want to enable managers who can’t visit locations to continue to safely keep site compliance and audit in line
  6. You want to eliminate the use of shared devices in your locations for operations and time keeping
  7. You are thinking of business recovery and how to address organizing your staff for the complexities and policies of running the business in the future

We urge you to consider this option for your business and frontline employees. We are available to discuss more in detail.

Steve Kramer
CEO and Co-Founder of WorkJam

Five Essential Communication Features:

1. Realtime WorkJam Messaging 

2. Mandatory Messaging & Response 

3. Targeted Channel Communications 

4. Pulse Surveys

5. Micro-Learning and Training

Go-live Features:

•  Communications and engagement at scale

•  Full Communications Suite (Messaging, Surveys, Channels, and  Badges)

•  Target Audiences  and Geo-Fencing to ensure the right message gets to the right people​

•  Full spectrum of engagement including information, acknowledgment, feedback, instruction, and execution

•  Situational best practices as implemented by global leaders

•  WorkJam will implement the solution and train your administrators and this will all be accomplished remotely

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