Welcome back to WorkJam’s Digital Workplace Blog where our aim is to help you revolutionize the way your HQ and frontline work together!

We live in a tech-heavy world where organizations often end up with numerous systems doing different things within their siloed tech stack. While each solution as a standalone solves its narrow problem, they often don’t “talk” to each other. This is not only costly, but confusing for your frontline workforce that must log into multiple systems to access the information they need, whether that be the weekly schedule, onboarding material, or their daily tasks.

Let’s talk about consolidation.

When it comes to consolidating technologies, people often see this as eliminating software. With WorkJam, this doesn’t have to be the case. What WorkJam does is funnel efforts and simplify the technology environment – giving everyone in your organization one place to go to for everything they need. So, it’s not just about consolidation, but integration, as well.

Case in Point

Let’s say your organization uses a variety of software programs, including a WFM scheduling solution. Since WorkJam integrates with WFM platforms, you can funnel those schedules through WorkJam, and now your frontline workforce can simply log into one app from their personal device to check their schedules, swap shifts, and pick-up more shifts at your other locations. This is a win for your workforce because it makes things easier, and it’s a win for your organization because your shifts are getting covered more efficiently.

Plus, WorkJam can automatically send notifications to remind frontline workers when their shifts are coming up, which is a great feature your frontline employees will certainly appreciate.

With your schedules now funneling through WorkJam, it creates even more value to your employees. And when they’re on WorkJam checking schedules or trading shifts, they’ll have easier access to their task list while enabling HQ to monitor and even audit tasks.

Consolidating and integrating systems through WorkJam makes the frontline worker’s job easier, which naturally boosts productivity. Having one place to go for everything gives frontline employees greater insight into everything that needs to be done and ensures that any actions that need to be taken can be done right away. That’s the power of WorkJam.