Dec 15, 2021

Impacted by the UKG Outage?

Impacted by the UKG Outage?
Don’t Worry … Just Add WorkJam

There was never a good time for a UKG outage to happen, as the leading HCM & WFM provider this unfortunately really hits many of you at a critical time before the holidays.

But WorkJam can help!  We are unaffected by the Log4J issue and currently support many well-known UKG customers with our value-added employee-facing platform.

Our platform offers solutions, like Simplified Self-Service, Mobile Punch, and Employee Communications – all super-critical tools right now that can help save your day and give you more time on the floor while UKG gets back in gear.

WorkJam is designed to augment WFM solutions like Workforce Central and is not only able to integrate into any WFM solution but can also serve you now by collecting punches and interfacing weekly timecards directly into a consolidated punch export file.

WorkJam offers added-value employee productivity and retention tools. Our SaaS solution sits within top-tier cloud technologies like Google Cloud and can easily support any UKG customer.

In short order, you can deploy a leading solution that can help move your forward — one that many UKG customers already enjoy.

Get your life back as well as confidence in your WFM & HCM stack.  Once UKG comes back online you will still be able to leverage WorkJam as your employee-facing solution, and benefit your organization even further with learning, task management, and ExpressPay functionality.

What’s more with WorkJam as your employee-facing solution you will never have to worry about WFM rollouts again. Roll-out WorkJam once and we can remain the single interface for the workforce while you have the freedom to choose the next steps in your WFM journey knowing that WorkJam can link and sync to anything in your back-office – WFC, WFD, or otherwise.

Work better with WorkJam.

About the author:

Steven Kramer

Chief Executive Officer

Steven is a technology entrepreneur with over 20 years of executive leadership experience in founding and scaling companies developing disruptive, enterprise-class technologies. In 1999, Steven co-founded iCongo, a leading global software provider for omni-channel retail and B2B commerce solutions, which merged with hybris Software in 2011 and became the largest independent provider of e-commerce solutions with 27 offices worldwide, 1000+ employees and more than 600 customers. Steven was part of the Executive Management team and Board Member at hybris. hybris Software was purchased by SAP in 2013. While working with companies on their omni-channel strategies, Steven identified a gap between traditional workforce management systems and how companies actually hire, schedule and manage their frontline employees. With this in mind, Steven co-founded WorkJam.

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