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Have you heard about the latest workplace trend with frontline workers called quiet quitting? 

It’s when your workforce refuses to go above and beyond if they’re not getting paid what they feel is a fair wage for their time and effort. Keep in mind they’re not actually quitting, they’re just putting in minimal effort while on shift. 

Depending on the organization, turnover can cost upwards to $10,000 per employee. Now imagine what quiet quitting is costing you. And that’s just in dollars and cents. It doesn’t even speak to what it’s costing you in morale and company culture.  

At WorkJam, we’ve seen this long before there was a kitschy name for it. It’s something frontline employees have been experiencing for a long time and it’s the reason we exist in the first place. Our mission is to revolutionize the way HQs connect with their frontline and create happy, engaged employees. Let’s face it. Happy, engaged employees usually don’t quit. Quietly or otherwise. 

So how do you address quiet quitting at your organization? 

Well, you can start by talking to them. 

Engaging your frontline is one of the biggest challenges for enterprise organizations whose hundreds or thousands of deskless employees are spread across different shifts or locations. Posting notes on a bulletin or clipboard won’t cut it, so the key is to cut through the noise and find a way to implement two-way communication without relying on a dust-covered ancient computer tucked away in a back-of-house office with one email address that everyone shares.  

That’s where a digital frontline workplace comes in. While it helps you orchestrate your workplace through tasks, training, and schedule management, where it really excels is in communicating with your employees.  

We all appreciate recognition, so telling your frontline publicly or privately that they’re doing a great job goes a long way in building strong relationships with your workforce. 

This goes double when providing them with a way to respond or ask questions and contribute to the conversation in ways they’ve never been able to before. This gets their buy-in and gives them a sense of value they’ve often never felt.  

It seems like such a small thing, but it’s one of the most overlooked aspects of frontline management and makes an enormous difference for organizations that do it right. You’ll find out quick how a digital frontline workplace helps your employees appreciate the new meaning they find in their work, and this time they won’t be quiet about it.  

To really get a sense of how WorkJam can help change the mindset of the quiet quitters within your organization, and help them feel more engaged at work, check out our video!