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WorkJam’s digital workplace provides healthcare organizations with the tools they need to meet the demands of the emerging workforce through greater employee engagement.


WorkJam’s digital workplace provides healthcare organizations with the tools they need to meet the demands of the emerging workforce through greater employee engagement

There is immense pressure for healthcare providers to respond to the growing demands of our population with efficiency and high quality of patient care.

However, healthcare providers face many challenges in providing this care including rising healthcare costs, uncertain and evolving legislative and insurance environment, and a tightening labor market.

How can healthcare organizations win?

Engaged healthcare professionals. Even with the latest advances in medicine and technology, healthcare professionals remain the core of our healthcare system and whose shoulders we all rely on, both as employers and patients, to deliver quality healthcare services. By cultivating a positive workplace experience, healthcare employers can boost productivity and knowledge among their staff, while cutting operational costs and improving quality of service through a superior patient experience.

In short, whether they are a doctor, nurse, technician, orderly, or maintenance, those working in and around all areas of the healthcare industry have come to expect a better employee experience. They want more control and flexibility over their schedules regarding when and how many hours they work each week. They expect to be informed and connected with their employer and feel well-equipped to do their job. They want their voices to be heard and to be recognized and rewarded for their achievements.

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How does the WorkJam Digital Workforce benefit each area of the Healthcare Organization?

The WorkJam mobile and web platform extends existing workforce management systems (WFM) and enables healthcare employers such as hospitals, clinics, long-term care facilities, and other specialized health institutions and networks, to develop, empower, and engage their frontlines. The platform enables healthcare professionals to manage their work life with intuitive resources like schedule management, task management, messaging, development, and training. With WorkJam, healthcare organizations can improve retention rates, align healthcare professionals with patient care goals, reduce operational costs, and drive the patient experience to new heights.

Hourly Healthcare Professionals.

A WorkJam study revealed that that 90% of employees with somewhat flexible employers are satisfied with their job. With WorkJam, employees can manage their own work-life balance using flexible scheduling while meeting the workplace’s needs.

Hourly Healthcare Professionals.


By enabling an engaged workforce, WorkJam helps managers lower turnover. This gives valuable time back to the managers, lowers operating costs, and leaves the manager with a more experienced team who can deliver a better patient experience.


WorkJam helps employers adapt to unexpected labor needs while complying with advance notice scheduling laws. Empowering supervisors and employees with digital workforce tools reduces cost while increasing patient satisfaction.


Corporate Communications.

Improved communication between corporate and employees aligns everyone to the goals and vision of the company. WorkJam simplifies messaging across all levels of the organization, standardizing the quality of patient services across multiple locations and departments.

Training and Onboarding.

WorkJam’s Learning Experience System puts continuous training in the palm of employees’ hands—engaging the workforce. Engaged employees make 60% less errors than disengaged employees.

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