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What Now?

Don’t let the HIMSS cancellation stop you from learning about WorkJam!

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How a Digital Workplace can Solve Burnout

Join Holly Harron, BSRT, RRT, AE-C, CPHQ – 30-year healthcare veteran​ and current WorkJam Solutions Engineer​, on Thursday March 19th to learn how WorkJam engages and enables employees to manage their work-life balance while allowing their managers to make sure that they get the patient coverage they need to remain compliant and avoid overtime.

Holly was in healthcare for 30 years trying to fix it from the inside. She left when she saw she had a greater opportunity to help more healthcare practitioners with disengagement and burnout. She’s seen the difference WorkJam has made for other organizations, and she would love the opportunity to show you how WorkJam can make a difference in your organization.

♦  The key pillars of a Digital Workplace
♦  The key considerations when planning a digital workplace experience
♦  The five main dimensions you need in any digital workplace
♦  Best practices & key ROI measurements

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We invite you to find out how WorkJam engages & optimizes your frontline workforce

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The WorkJam Digital Workplace drives employee efficiency & effectiveness by supporting your tactical & strategic initiatives. Engaging your Full-time, Part Time & Per Diem workforce alike with encrypted communications, collaboration, micro-learning, & task management. We help deliver patient coverage with shift swap, availability & PTO requests that automatically updates your WFM solution.  Come see how our Open-Shift Marketplace crowdsources coverage while ExpressPay motivates sign-up, positioning you as the favored employer. The WorkJam Digital Workplace is the ONLY complete digital workplace for your frontline workforce. We enable your operations, training, HR, and internal comms teams to have one solution, in the palm of every frontline employees’ hand, that makes it easy to:

• Communicate strategy to them
• Message them on HIPPA compliant IM
• Help them understand and execute tasks
• Provide them with training & career pathing
• Broadcast Open Shifts so they can pick shifts that suit them
• Allow them to manage their availability and swap their shifts
• Acknowledge their achievements
• Get them their important HR documents
• Provide frontline feedback to leadership
• Become the employer of choice
• Pay them within hours of shift completion