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HR Tech Session: Five Effective Ways to Address the Labor Drought

With about 1 million more job openings than people looking for work, calling it a labor shortage would be an understatement. Mike Zorn, Workplace Strategy Vice President at WorkJam and former Senior VP of Associate and Labor Relations at Macy’s will walk you through five effective ways to address the labor drought, enable employees, and excel internal branding.


How Technology and Innovation Enable Diversity and Inclusion

To stay competitive in both the consumer and employment landscape, organizations must step up their initiatives around digital transformation (DT) and diversity & inclusion (D&I).

DT and D&I may seem like two disparate concepts, but they align quite well. Succeeding at both requires a robust framework that connects transformation, inclusivity, and culture together. This can be achieved by measuring and increasing employee engagement, eliminating biases from your processes, and ensuring that all employees have equal access to workplace opportunities.


How Organizations Can Reimagine Communication and Improve Employee Relationships

It all starts with communication…

WorkJam enables you to implement internal communication systems that are effective, powerful, and secure.

One way to foster stronger employee relationships is by improving internal communication. When you streamline how information flows in your organization, team members can connect better with each other and your business.

Explore the simple 9-step framework to align your frontline.

5 Ways to survive the Labor Drought

5 Ways to Survive the Labor Drought


Workplace Communications – An Updated Model for 2021 and Beyond

With an average adoption rate of 84%, WorkJam Digital Workplace ensures organizations can interact directly with their entire workforce.

Shorten time to productivity by turning new hires into valuable team members with WorkJam Training. Allow employees to swap and broadcast shifts to eligible coworkers or pick up additional shifts at other locations–all while ensuring better shift coverage with WorkJam’s Open Shift Marketplace. Grow and certify talent while fostering an inclusive and diverse frontline workforce.

Address your labor shortage once and for all and gain a long-term competitive advantage that competitors are not able to replicate.

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