Every top performer needs a super tool


In November, the world’s eyes will be turning to Vegas to watch super-machines race down Las Vegas Boulevard, turn onto Harmon Avenue, zag onto Koval Lane, and hit Sands Avenue with a speed that will make heads spin.   


The combination of high-performance wheels, internal combustion engines, turbochargers, drag reduction systems, and premium petrol all fuel the performance of some of the most elite racers in the world.   


The world’s eyes will also turn to the city of Las Vegas to eat, drink, play, party, and maybe, sleep. This has the potential to be the biggest event in Las Vegas, ever. 


Are you ready?  


Download this customized list of WorkJam solutions that will revolutionize Wynn’s frontline.


Just like Lewis Hamilton, Max Verstappen, Fernando Alonso, and Lando Norris have a super-charged tool to succeed at the Grand Prix, your frontline teams also need a super tool.  


WorkJam is the world-leading digital frontline workplace. In a single app, we give your frontline teams communications, learnings, task management, scheduling, and more, driving success, increasing profitability, and reducing costs.   


WorkJam makes it easy for you to: 

  • Upskill your team for one-off roles outside of their day-to-day responsibilities 
  • Open extra shifts for event weekends 
  • Keep everyone up to date on the latest happenings with a single source for communications 


The world will be watching Vegas, and I’d love to share some more about how WorkJam can help ensure flawless event execution. 




Mark Acre

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