A Day in the Life of a Store Manager Using a Digital Workplace

Get the facts. Help store managers be more productive. 

Retail store managers spend up to a quarter of their shifts doing administrative tasks that take them off the store floor and into the back room – away from customers and frontline employees. 

From finding last-minute staff to cover shifts to printing and distributing corporate training materials, store managers waste time away from their prime directives: leading employees and providing exceptional customer service. 

How can you enable your store managers to do their jobs more effectively? With the help of a digital workplace. 

Download the white paper and learn: 

  1. The many ways a digital workplace can improve communication between store managers, frontline employees, and corporate staff. 
  2. How managers can increase employee engagement and reduce turnover through better workplace tools, so they can spend less time hiring new employees and more time developing the ones they already have. 
  3. The benefits of corporate-wide training tools and how they can help store managers to better prepare their employees to complete tasks, take on new roles, and grow with the organization. 

When your store managers have the digital workplace tools they need, you’ll see the results in your frontline staff – and so will your customers.  

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