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WorkJam’s digital workplace provides manufacturers with the tools they need to meet the demands of the manufacturing employee through greater employee engagement.


WorkJam’s digital workplace provides manufacturers with the tools they need to meet the demands of the manufacturing employee through greater employee engagement

Very few industries operate with more pressure on labor issues than manufacturing.

The challenges from globalization, outsourcing, shrinking labor market, brain-drain, recruitment, worker motivation, union and safety rules and requirements, and heavy price competition are causing manufacturers to be more agile than ever in the management of their labor.

How can manufacturers win?

Engaged employees. By cultivating a positive workplace experience, employers can boost employee productivity and knowledge, while reducing turnover and cutting operational costs through a superior employee experience.

In short, employees have come to expect a better employee experience. They expect to be informed and connected with their employer, feel well-equipped to do their job, and to know they are being treated fairly, and being kept safe. They want more control and flexibility over their schedules regarding when and how many hours they work each week. They want their voices to be heard and to be recognized and rewarded for their achievements.

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How does the WorkJam Digital Workforce benefit each area of the Manufacturing Organization?

The WorkJam mobile and web platform extends existing workforce management systems (WFM) and enables employers to improve labor utilization while developing, empowering, and engaging their workforce. The platform enables employees to manage their work life with intuitive resources like schedule management, task management, messaging, development, and training. With WorkJam, manufacturers can improve retention rates, align employees with business goals, and reduce operational costs.

Hourly Associates.

Lack of employer flexibility leaves 62.5% of hourly workers looking for new jobs. Employees can better manage their own work-life balance with flexible scheduling, leading higher employee retention.


With WorkJam, managers can engage and retain employees by providing feedback and recognition in real time. This gives valuable time back to the managers, lowers operating costs, and leaves the manager with a more experienced, knowledgeable and productive team.

Plant Operations.

WorkJam helps enforce compliance to union rules, avoid contract violations, and grievances. Empowering managers and employees with digital tools that reduce cost while increasing productivity and profitability.


Corporate Communications.

WorkJam Improves communication between corporate and employees, engaging employees. Studies show that disengaged employees had 49% more workplace accidents than engaged employees.

Training and Onboarding.

WorkJam’s Learning Experience System puts training in the palm of employees’ hands, modernizing the industry while remaining up-to-date with industry regulations. Integrating mobile technology into the workplace attracts and retains the next generation of employees.

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