The Top Frontline Alternative for Workplace

With Meta’s recent announcement, companies relying on Workplace for communications are left wondering: what do we do next? 


If you’re a frontline organisation, the answer is simple: You get jammin’. 

Welcome to WorkJam!

WorkJam is the ultimate communications app designed specifically for frontline workers and managers. With its powerful targeted audience engine, WorkJam allows you to communicate by position, location or any other segment of your choosing to ensure your employees see only what’s relevant to them. 


The WorkJam difference 

  • Targeted comms 
  • Social-media like interface 
  • Experience with Meta Workplace transitions 
  • Enterprise compliance and flexibility 
  • Customisable to your specific workflows tailored to your specific industry requirements. 
  • Integrate with your WFM 
  • More… Ask us about our task & audit, learning, and scheduling capabilities 

Some of our customers

The next 150 days are critical. This transition won’t be easy for you or your employees. We’ve done this before, let us help guide you. 


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