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Project Description

Prepare for the Future of Retail with a 15-minute Strategy Call

The rise of online retailers.
The surge in sourcing cost.
The customer experience challenge.

Like it or not, retail is undergoing an irreversible shift.

And more than anything, a change of perspective is necessary to uncover the opportunity that lies in that change. To find the point of greatest leverage within your organisation and utilise its most overlooked asset: your frontline employees.

Andrew Myers, VP APAC & Digital Workplace Strategy

Andrew Myers, VP APAC & Digital Workplace Strategy

I invite you to a 15-minute strategy call*, during which we can talk about how to

  • Empower your in-store team to exceed customer expectations
  • Align the various levels of your operations
  • Free your managers from 25% useless work

*Due to experience and focus of my work, this offer is limited to General Managers and up, in Operations or Human Resources at organisations with at least 2,000 employees.

I’m looking forward to strategising with you,