On-demand webinar – Grocery ecommerce has arrived: How to make it profitable and scalable2020-07-07T13:10:53-04:00

Project Description

On-demand webinar

Grocery ecommerce is challenging and difficult to make profitable. As the preference for online orders soars, grocers worldwide have reached an inflection point. Consumers are re-evaluating their shopping options or have already changed their buying patterns.

Grocers have long struggled with the operational challenges that come with fulfilling ecommerce orders efficiently, but the current stakes are high to remain profitable while delivering on customer expectations. 

Forward-thinking grocers like Woolworths, Co-op UK, Kroger, and S-Group of Finland have already leveraged our expertise, guidance, and abilities resulting in improved efficiency in operations as well as exceptional customer experiences with larger basket sizes.   

View the on-demand webinar to learn how Digital Goodie with WorkJam streamlines ecommerce for grocers while significantly improving operational profitability, employee engagement, and customer experience. 

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