WorkJam Frontline Solution Sessions2021-04-28T16:47:41-04:00

Project Description

2:00 PM Eastern
11:00 AM Pacific

Join us every other Wednesday as we walk you through the many ways you can leverage WorkJam to great effect in your organization. In these sessions, we will demo and discuss specific customer and business use cases, that will show you how within this single employee platform you can deliver these essential tools to your workforce that will optimize your operations and elevate your employee retention rates.

Take advantage of a deeper dive into the benefits of a single app that delivers Total Frontline Orchestration.

Learn how to: 

  1. Digitize manual processes with guidance on available tools and best practices
  2. Supercharge your current digital transformation journey and become an expert within your organization
  3. Enhance your employee’s experience and increase employee retention at the same time
  4. Initiate the easiest way to build a culture of effective communication within your organization
  5. Take your frontline employee experience to the next level
  6. Deliver a consistent customer experience

Each session is a front-row seat into the different modules that are an important part of frontline orchestration and the best practices for each. Register for the sessions today!

Please contact Stacey Fereria at with questions.

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