Case Study – Australian Retailer


Case study | Leading APAC RetailerHow can businesses cope with the upheaval massively unpredictable demands caused by COVID-19?Best practice points to clear and consistent communication with employees as key factor to keeping operations running as smoothly as possible.But to get into an excellent position to react, adapt, and communicate quickly this and Read more

5 Urgent Challenges Australian Retailers are Facing Amidst COVID-19


White Paper WorkJam helps you overcome the hurdles brought about by COVID-19, by arming you with communication, scheduling, training, and task management solutions that allow you to become agile and mitigate disruption from the pandemic.Discover how to navigate the following in our latest white paper:Manage absences with easeExecute effective lockdowns and boot-upsImplement Read more

COVID-19 Communication Continuity Package​ – Australia


As retail responds to the COVID pandemic your frontline workers are looking to you for direction–now more than ever. The ability to safely communicate and train is paramount during a time of crisis, to keep everyone up to date on policies and swiftly execute on decisions.  Leading local companies like Woolworths, Target, Chatime, Village Entertainment and Fitness Lifestyle Group already leverage WorkJam’s Digital Workplace Read more

2020 and Beyond


Prepare for the Future of Retail with a 15-minute Strategy Call The rise of online retailers. The surge in sourcing cost. The customer experience challenge. Like it or not, retail is undergoing an irreversible shift. And more than anything, a change of perspective is necessary to uncover the opportunity that lies in Read more

On-Demand Webinar: How Leading Companies Are Managing Frontline Employees Through the Pandemic and Beyond


On-Demand Webinar Management teams at both essential and non-essential businesses are grappling with major questions about how to manage their frontline employees as the COVID-19 pandemic runs its course. WorkJam has co-developed a framework with its customers, some of the most recognisable global, large, and mid-size companies in the world, to assist management Read more