WorkJam Everywhere Video


Watch: WorkJam Everywhere WorkJam Everywhere takes WorkJam’s enterprise-class, proven capabilities that our customers love — task management, employee self-service, open-shift marketplace, learning, and operational excellence — and modularizes them to be pluggable into a variety of employee-facing technologies and devices. This gives customers the benefit of both flexibility and choice of where Read more

Workshop: Task & Audit Excellence, Without Smoke & Mirrors


Tuesday, July 27, 2021 1:00 PM Eastern Time To maximize efficiency and savings while improving processes, organizations need to take their Task Management out of the back-office and put it squarely where it belongs: Onto the floor and in the hands of the people doing the tasks. WorkJam’s next-generation Read more

How Open Shift Bidding via Crowdsourcing Delivers the Optimal Employee & Customer Experience


White Paper & Video | How open shift bidding via crowdsourcing delivers the optimal employee & customer experience  Data show that attracting and keeping employees today requires more than just offering traditional benefits. And “old school” workplaces that offer limited flexibility are largely becoming unpopular in today's employment landscape. To become Read more

2020 Hindsight – The Frontline Must Be Digital


On-Demand Webinar View On-Demand As we now look at 2020 in the rear-view mirror, join us to discover: • The major employee engagement themes and learnings from the last 10 months. • The winning approach to survive and thrive that will also see your operations Read more

WorkJam – The Frontline Digital Workplace


What do you call the one app and platform that connects, directs, and inspires your desk-less workforce? At WorkJam we call that the Frontline Digital Workplace. Built for the complexities of today’s business and trusted by iconic brands, WorkJam is designed to enable management agility and workplace resilience — every day. In Read more

Humanizing the COVID response


On-Demand Webinar Operational Resiliency has been the focal point for business in 2020 but there is also the Human Resource perspective, its impact on your hourly employees. For employees who are active, furloughed or otherwise, COVID has had a devastating effect on hourly workers. It has upended their financial Read more

On-demand webinar – Winter is coming: It’s time to prepare!


On-demand webinar The first winter post-COVID has some unique problems to solve…  Your business has reopened, you are operating as safely as possible, so customers are returning, and the corona crisis is passing behind you. Right?   Not quite... Winter Is Coming, and this winter (the first post-COVID winter!) is predicted Read more

On-demand webinar – Pandemic rebound for franchise: restart with realtime communications & training in 5 days


On-demand webinar On-boarding... Re-boarding… New health and safety procedures… Keeping staff safe at all times… Training and upskilling crews to the “new normal”… Franchise management teams are grappling with major challenges on how to restart or ramp up their operations as states and counties roll out plans to reopen in the wake of the COVID pandemic. WorkJam has Read more

On-Demand Webinar: How to Achieve a Productive Digital Workforce


On-demand webinar Over the recent week's businesses have continued to grapple with how to effectively manage their staff during the current crisis and beyond. A number of pressing questions have left many wondering what the 'new normal' will look like and how it will impact overall operations? Effective digital and communication strategies are Read more

On-Demand Webinar: How Leading Companies are Managing Frontline Staff Through the Pandemic and Beyond


On-Demand Webinar Management teams at both essential and non-essential businesses are grappling with major questions about how to manage their frontline staffs as the COVID-19 pandemic runs its course. WorkJam has co-developed a framework with its customers, some of the most recognizable global, large and mid-size companies in the world, to assist management teams in being ready to address these Read more

Webinar: How a Digital Workplace can Solve Burnout in Healthcare


Webinar Recording: How a Digital Workplace can Solve Burnout in Healthcare Holly Harron, BSRT, RRT, AE-C, CPHQ – 30-year healthcare veteran​ and current WorkJam Solutions Engineer​, shows how WorkJam engages and enables employees to manage their work-life balance, while allowing their managers to make sure that they get the patient coverage they Read more

Watch: WorkJam’s NRF 2020 Big Idea Session featuring Diane Randolph, Ulta Beauty CIO


WorkJam talks Ulta Beauty has been lauded for its top performance in the retail industry—leading the way with an exceptional in-store experience and fostering enviable customer loyalty with highly engaged and productive frontline associates. At NRF 2020, Diane Randolph, Ulta Beauty CIO, joined WorkJam on stage to discuss how Ulta Beauty is bringing together Read more

Webinar: How Did Ulta Unleash the Potential of Its Workforce?


Webinar: How Did Ulta Unleash the Potential of Its Workforce? At NRF 2019, Ulta Beauty joined WorkJam on stage to discuss employee engagement and the role of digital workplace technologies. The National Retail Federation Big Idea Session covered digital workplace platforms, what to look for when comparing solutions, and how to align stakeholders to Read more

How to Unleash the Ultimate Employee Experience?


How to Unleash the Ultimate Employee Experience? At NRF 2018, Target Australia, Macy's, and Axsium Group joined WorkJam on stage to discuss digital workplace technology. The National Retail Federation Big Idea Session covered how to unleash the potential of an enterprise workforce, their experiences with the WorkJam’s Digital Workplace platform, and the impact it Read more

The WorkJam Digital Workplace Video


We are proud to introduce you to the WorkJam Digital Workplace - a new and exciting engagement tool that bridges the gap between existing back-office systems and the needs of today business and emerging workforce. WorkJam is a mobile and web-based digital workplace platform that unleashes the potential of your enterprise workforce through Read more

Webinar recording: To Improve Customer Experience, Focus On Your Digital Employee Experience


On-demand webinar To improve customer experience, focus on your digital employee experience showcases research and data you can use to support improving the digital employee experience in your organization and shares how that investment will impact your customer experience. David Johnson, a guest from Forrester, presents his surprising employee experience research findings, along Read more

Webinar: Take Control of Your Digital Workplace


Webinar: Take Control of Your Digital Workplace Take Control of Your Digital Workplace, a webinar recorded on June 2, 2018, provides an overview of the importance of developing a digital workplace strategy, enhancing workplace security, and creating new opportunities to drive workplace engagement. Bob Clements, President of Axsium Group, discusses building a digital workplace strategy Read more

Webinar: Exploring the Digital Workplace


Webinar: Exploring the Digital Workplace Exploring the Digital Workplace, a webinar recorded on April 18, 2018, provides an overview of digital workplace technology and how it is re-writing the rules of WFM and HCM. Steve Kramer, WorkJam’s CEO, discusses the emergence of digital workplace technology. Will Eadie, VP of Sales and Strategy, discusses Read more

Webinar: How is Employee Engagement Driving Operational Excellence at Shell?


Webinar: How is Employee Engagement Driving Operational Excellence at Shell? At NRF 2017, Shell Global joined WorkJam on stage to discuss how engagement driving operational excellence. The National Retail Federation Big Idea Session covered how reveal how WorkJam is changing the retail experience for Shell, its customers, and its employees alike.. Watch to Read more

About WorkJam Video


Watch: About WorkJam Video Watch our 90 second video to learn how the WorkJam Digital Workplace unleashes the potential of enterprises workforce through agile scheduling, transformative communication, experiential learning, and tailored recognition.