Module overview: Surveys & Polls


Data sheet | Module overview: Surveys & Polls Getting surveys down to your frontlines can be an expensive logistical challenge. How will they access the survey? Are you using paper? Do you send it to their personal email? Or will you provide them with a new email address? WorkJam's Surveys & Polls Read more

Module overview: Rewards & Recognition


Data sheet | Module overview: Rewards & Recognition WorkJam’s customizable badge system gives you the power to cultivate a legendary frontline culture that acknowledges a variety of achievements, from how long an employee has been with the company, to most sales of a certain product. Badges are reported back to managers and head office, Read more

Module overview: Training & Assessments


Data sheet | Module overview: Training & Assessment Getting your frontline the training they need to deliver on your brand promise can be a challenge. Companies create thoughtful training programs to encourage engagement, but there’s often no way to know if the training was effective. Or, if it’s even been delivered. Managers Read more

Webinar recording: To Improve Customer Experience, Focus On Your Digital Employee Experience


On-demand webinar To improve customer experience, focus on your digital employee experience showcases research and data you can use to support improving the digital employee experience in your organization and shares how that investment will impact your customer experience. David Johnson, a guest from Forrester, presents his surprising employee experience research findings, along Read more