Is Shadow IT Putting Your Company at Risk?


White paper Non-compliance, data loss, skewed labor analytics, safety concerns. These are just a few of the substantial risks that Shadow IT poses for organizations in today's workplace. Learn how to curb Shadow IT while driving engagement, productivity and profit margins. Together with Axsium Group, the world’s leading workforce management consultancy, we compiled a Read more

What is a Digital Workplace… And Why Do You Need One?


White Paper | What is a Digital Workplace... And Why Do You Need One? Digital workplace platforms are creating a lot of chatter in executive circles. The companies who swear by them say they can improve employee engagement, reduce turnover, and even boost the bottom line. What are digital workplaces, though? And Read more

The WorkJam Difference


The WorkJam Difference WorkJam has set a new standard for digital workplace platforms, transforming how our customers manage their workforce and day-to-day operations. From our platform design to our team's industry experience to our security, WorkJam sets itself apart from other technologies, point solutions, and consultants in the market. Download The WorkJam Difference Read more

Security Overview


Security Overview Implementing a digital workplace platform can completely transform employee engagement and productivity. Instead of relying on outdated, inefficient paperwork and procedures, employees can stay up-to-date, manage their shifts, participate in training and so much more, all from their digital device. However, with high-profile data breaches in the news, you Read more

How to Get Buy-In for a Digital Workplace


White Paper: Building Internal Alignment for Your Digital Workplace Initiative You know a digital workplace platform can do amazing things for your business, and you’re excited to get the project moving forward. To make that happen though, you need the rest of your leadership team to agree. And some of them might be Read more