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Case Study – Australian Retailer


Case study | Leading APAC RetailerHow can businesses cope with the upheaval massively unpredictable demands caused by COVID-19?Best practice points to clear and consistent communication with employees as key factor to keeping operations running as smoothly as possible.But to get into an excellent position to react, adapt, and communicate quickly this and Read more

Case Study – Chatime


Case study | Chatime Chatime is a global teahouse franchise with 1,000 plus corporate and franchise stores in 38 countries including Australia, the United States, and Canada. With bubble tea as its signature product, Chatime dominates the Australian tea market with its distinctive purple branding and innovative marketing campaigns. Chatime is Read more

On-demand webinar – Pandemic rebound for franchise: restart with realtime communications & training in 5 days


On-demand webinar On-boarding... Re-boarding… New health and safety procedures… Keeping staff safe at all times… Training and upskilling crews to the “new normal”… Franchise management teams are grappling with major challenges on how to restart or ramp up their operations as states and counties roll out plans to reopen in the wake of the COVID pandemic. WorkJam has Read more

On-Demand Webinar: How to Achieve a Productive Digital Workforce


On-demand webinar Over the recent week's businesses have continued to grapple with how to effectively manage their staff during the current crisis and beyond. A number of pressing questions have left many wondering what the 'new normal' will look like and how it will impact overall operations? Effective digital and communication strategies are Read more

WorkJam and Kronos: Total frontline workforce engagement for healthcare


Data sheet WorkJam, the leading global Digital Workplace Platform for frontline employees, and Kronos, the market leader in workforce management solutions, have partnered to create the ultimate employee experience. Together, WorkJam and Kronos enable customers to provide their frontlines with a solution to train, develop, motivate, engage, and retain employees. WorkJam adds Read more