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Learning In The Flow of Work

Could course completion rates improve from an app with 89% Adoption? WorkJam helps make more time for employee learning because it’s a platform that goes beyond. Associates can pick up and pause micro-learning as time allows during the day while you can monitor results in realtime.

Your LMS’ Best Friend

Take your SCORM and xAPI coursework and put it in the hands of your employees — compliantly. They cannot take any courses off-shift unless you need it that way. WorkJam can inform the LMS of all the progress being made.

No LMS? No Problem

Upload any presentation, document or video file, then create assessments, missions and surveys around the content to reinforce learning. Gamify and incentivize the experience with badges, leaderboard and rewards.

Learn & Earn

Gate your best open shifts to only those who have made the grade. WorkJam lets you ascribe skills to shifts so that your best equipped employees can serve at the best times.

Micro-Learning With Macro-Results

Take exisiting training and break it into smaller quick-hit segments. Create incentives and leaderboards to drive excitement and completions.

Omnipresence For The Omnichannel

As you grow you need your staff to grow too. Go 360 with your education initiatives by incorporating targeted communications, surveys, assessments and audits to qualify and reinforce what employees learn. Use our rewards partners to drive the best from your best.

Employees want to learn more – make it simpler to upskill – orchestrate your learning initiative

Make additional course available for employees who are hungry to learn. Offer the ability to learn new skills that turns a job into a career launch pad. Cultivate the next-generation of management.

Deploy your SCORM & xAPI content, or create courses in WorkJam. Use badges and leaderboards to track and incentivize.

Run regular micro-learning assessments and surveys to reinforce knowledge and identify career tracks.

Audit and score knowledge first-hand – especially if knowledge confirmations require demonstration or operation.

Target courses to those who need or request them. Run remedial coursework when and where required.

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