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Let’s Take the Next Step!

WorkJam and Kronos have teamed up to deliver a complete solution to power your restaurants. We had a great time at RLC and enjoyed delivering the #maketheirday message.

We have partnered to improve the employee experience, enabling your employees to deliver the best customer experience possible. Because when you make your employees’ day, they’ll make your customers’ day.

To learn how we can help you reduce absenteeism and turnover while increasing communication and engagement throughout your entire organization, book a meeting with our team. We’ll show you how the tools below enable your organization to focus on what matters, the customer experience.

1) Scheduling & Shift Swaps

2) Open Shift Marketplace

3) Chat & Messaging

4) Rewards & Recognition

5) Corporate Communication

6) Task Management

7) Training & Assessments

8) Compliance & Attestation

9) Surveys & Polls

10) Attendance Management

11) Timekeeping

12) Analytics & Data Collection

13) Onboarding & HR

14) And more…

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