Essential tools for essential operations: Shell on-demand webinar

On-Demand Webinar

There has never been a time when it’s more important for management to have a hotline to their frontline employees. Frontline communication is not only a strategic advantage, it is essential for operations both now and after the COVID pandemic.

Watch our 20-minute on-demand webcast that shares how you can significantly improve your communications with frontline employees in as little as five days. Featuring Mark Williams, Global Retail Enablement at Shell Oil, and Will Eadie, Chief Revenue Officer at WorkJam, this webinar gives an overview of the Live-in-5 Package that delivers a suite of tools to the frontline:

1. Optimized Onboarding & Micro-Learning

2. Real-time Messaging & Collaboration

3. Mandatory Messaging & Response

4. Pulse Surveys & Polls

5. Badges, Gamification & Leaderboards

6. Targeted Channel Communications

Mark Williams explains how Shell has been benefitting from the WorkJam Digital Workplace over the past 3 years, while Will Eadie shows you how WorkJam is designed to help businesses execute more efficiently and collaboratively at the frontline.