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Do you have a task problem you’d like WorkJam to automate? We’ll give you a free 30-day trial.

WorkJam helps organizations take task management out of the back office and put it squarely where it belongs: on the floor and in the hands of the people actually doing the tasks.

If you have a task that you’d like WorkJam to automate and optimize, submit it and we’ll implement WorkJam for your special use-case for 30 days. Zero cost, no strings attached.

As part of the Frontline Digital Workplace, WorkJam task management and location auditing drives greater productivity, margins, and compliance.

Need inspiration? Here’s an example:

My associates receive instructions from the visual merchandising team to update displays. Associates take the picture from the back office printer — often in black and white — and take it to the floor to execute the task. The team member constructs the display and walks back to the office to confirm task completion. Although the task is ‘done,’ there is no audit trail, and the team member often doesn’t mark the task as complete in the back office system. 

We look forward to getting you out of your task pickle and showing you that task implementation isn’t a big dill.

3 Easy Steps

1. Sign up

Complete the form below to register your interest in taking part in WorkJam’s Task Pickle offering. Include details around your task project.

2. Confirm eligibility

We will schedule a call with one of our team members to determine eligibility to take part in the Task Pickle, 30-day free trial.

3. WorkJam roll-out

WorkJam will design and roll-out the task automation to your desired business unit. After 30 days, we will discuss your WorkJam experience.

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