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Earlier this week, Steve Kramer, WorkJam’s co-founder and CEO, presented at Grocery Shop in Las Vegas about the importance of frontline employees. As he mentioned, your frontline workforce is the single biggest human capital investment you make in the grocery industry. On top of that, they are the last, most critical piece of the customer experience. 

The only problem is that this essential piece – frontline workers – is lacking in quantity these days.

According to a recent survey from Gartner, almost 70% of frontline organizations say labor shortages and employee turnover are the biggest obstacle they’re facing right now. Since grocers are a key part of the frontline category, they’re obviously feeling that pinch.

Grocers can win this battle by orchestrating their workforce with a digital frontline workplace like WorkJam. This powerful all-in-one app includes many solutions, including two-way communications, training, and scheduling, as well as something essential for any frontline organization: Task Management.

As we know, grocery stores are large, complex places where employees can get lost – both literally and figuratively. Connecting your frontline to a list of what they need to do and when they need to do it – all on an easy-to-use device –makes everyone’s job easier.

WorkJam allows you to say good-bye to analogue and clipboards and hello to digital harmony. With a digital frontline workplace, you have easy access to data that helps you understand how productive your frontline is, what tasks have been completed, and by whom. Your managers can also create them on the fly for their own locations or HQ can handle the heavy lifting for the entire enterprise.

Better yet, frontline workers can quickly take pictures of completed work that can then be easily checked with real-time feedback to ensure that you’re compliant across all activities and all locations. And if an employee doesn’t know how to do something, these tasks can easily be linked back to a document or video that explains how it’s done.

With grocers and other frontline organizations struggling through the labor shortage, automating tasks only makes sense – both in terms of productivity AND your bottom line.