Apr 05, 2019

Podcast: Easing the Financial Plight of Hourly Workers

Hourly workers in retail and logistics are existing on extremely thin economic margins.According to a new study of hourly workers from WorkJam, half said that a single missed shift would render them unable to pay utilities, rent or a week’s worth of groceries. In other words, they’re living from paycheck to paycheck. Part of the problem lies with erratic work schedules, which are common in retail and logistics, according to Will Eadie, global vice president of strategy with WorkJam. Frontline workers who find themselves unable to make a shift can’t easily find someone to replace them, or offer to do so on behalf of a cohort. Eadie says a digital workplace — a platform for collaboration between workers, as well as with employers — could help to alleviate the problem. But what are the privacy issues that arise from the use of this technology? And how do employers benefit from it? Hosted by Bob Bowman, managing editor of SupplyChainBrain.

Listen to SupplyChainBrain’s podcast, below.

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