Bring your A-game to employees and guests

WorkJam is the most comprehensive frontline productivity platform by exclusively combining Task Management, Open Shift Management, Learning, Communications, Location Audit, Gamification, ExpressPay and more.

Digitize And Simplify Tasks And Daily Operations

WorkJam simplifies the complexity of operations by providing a complete set of critical frontline tools on a single pane of glass. WorkJam enablement allows you to focus on the things that matter: Site Execution, Brand Standards, and Productivity.

Reduce Payroll Costs And Agency Reliance

Maximize your part-time and seasonal workforce with Open Shift Marketplace. Develop a ‘coverage culture’ as qualified employees pick up additional shifts at will–at any location across the business.

Drive Retention And Become Employer Of Choice

Make it easy for them. Increase employee access to open shifts, learning and simplified self-service. Enhancing work/life balance will earn their trust and dedication. Part-timers will prefer your shifts vs. other options – especially if you offer ExpressPay.

Maintain Your Relationships

Prepare for high season by engaging all employee classes throughout the year. Give early access to schedules, communications, training, to top performers. Remain fully compliant with labor laws.

Ensure The Health And Safety, 24/7

Reach employees with critical updates. Systematically train on updated regulations. Reinforce learnings with assessments and

surveys. Make sure all security protocols are upheld with regular tasks and audits.

Streamline Processes And Provide An Excellent Associate Experience

Create turnkey and automated processes for employee onboarding, career-pathing, and expertise. Enable employees with the most comprehensive suite of productivity tools.

Pay. It. Forward

Improve retention and attendance rates by improving employee cashflow. ExpressPay allows employees to get a fixed % of prepayment daily to bi-weekly. Sponsoring this benefit reduces the most significant stressor of the hourly worker – and it delivers daily dividends to any organization.

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WorkJam is the platform industry leaders choose for true frontline orchestration: task management, training, communications, staffing, and more.