Expand your franchise on quality

Keep clients happy and grow your revenue. Ensure your advisors are also your ambassadors. Educate and reinforce the right skills for each role.

Ensure Everyone Is “On Brand”

Deploy your LMS coursework for learn-in-the-flow gains. WorkJam supports video, PDF, PowerPoint, SCORM, xAPI, and more. Improve course completions. Leaderboards and gamification make learning fun and competitive.

Modernize And Streamline Communications And Daily Operations For All

Eliminate communication and awareness challenges. Benefit from inline translations, so alerts are read in their preferred language.

Close The Gap - With Group Communication Channels.

The frontline workforce representing your brand will now know what you want them to know! Your franchisors will also appreciate the WorkJam toolset that is also available to them.

Benefit From Targeted Communications And Surveys

Getting the pulse of all who represent your brand is now made more accessible and more convenient.

Drive Compliance Across Your Operation

Train your franchisee’s employees on brand guidelines. Align execution with your corporate standards. Direct your entire fleet and receive real-time feedback in the form of comprehensive reporting.

Retail Task Management

Operational planning, audits, and workflows drive consistency of brand. Plan organization-wide projects, identify dependencies, and set milestones. Follow up with management audits and address any outliers.

Become A Smooth Operator

Gather everyone under the umbrella of your brand and standards. Deploy turnkey and automated processes for employee onboarding and product expertise. Drive retention through a direct relationship while preserving worker confidentiality.

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WorkJam is the platform industry leaders choose for true frontline orchestration: task management, training, communications, staffing, and more.