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Focused on solutions that solve complex business and external system requirements, the team is critical for all customer projects. As subject matter experts on technical aspects of the business, the team delivers exceptional solutions for WorkJam customers.
I joined WorkJam while it was still in the early stages. I have witnessed the company’s growth and it has provided all kinds of opportunities for me to realize my evolving career goals. Every day, I feel a part of that growth and have pride in having developed such a highly successful product that helps with the lives of frontline workers. It has been a very fulfilling journey and I could not have started to work at a better place in my newly adopted home country, Canada.


The design team influences every part of our beautiful and easy to use digital workplace platform. The team prides itself on a healthy balance of working hard and having fun.

I’ve met some of the best humans at WorkJam, they inspire, motivate and challenge me. Working remotely has been a huge advantage as a parent. I save about 2 hours on my daily commute. I am grateful to have that time back and reclaim a better work-life balance.
Litsa Babalis
Product Designer


At the core of WorkJam stands an exceptional team of developers. With diverse backgrounds, our team of developers are creating industry-leading functionality.

It's a pleasant responsibility to work at WorkJam and develop products for giant corporations. Moreover, it's a big pleasure to work with smart and nice people around, to share the experience and grow all the way. Great possibility to serve remotely as I love to travel.
Sergey Ovchynnykov
Full Stack Developer


The finance team is scaling the growing business with remarkable efficiency. From managing daily expenses to forecasting revenue, the skilled team helps WorkJam meet its business goals.

I have been with WorkJam for 3 years, and my overall experience with the company has been amazing. It’s a collaborative environment, and there is always room for growth with the transparent information, and constructive feedback from my bosses. The positive organizational culture motivates me to work harder and the weekly companywide meetings are a great way to keep us informed about the company. I love playing foosball in the break room with my colleagues. I am proud to be a Jammer!
Geeta Sadat
Accounting Clerk


Committed to leading the market with the best industry content and positioning, the marketing team is a step above the competition. The tight-knit team is driven by the opportunity to help businesses across the globe and their frontline workers.

WorkJam delivers value to both our customers and their employees — rare win-win solution for all stakeholders. Through my work, we’re making a difference in the lives of people around the globe. As a full-time remote employee, I do feel a part of the WorkJam community — having developed close relationships on my team and across the larger organization. I enjoy the growth opportunities that have come with our fast-growing team.
Digital Marketing Manager

Human Resources

WorkJam’s knowledgeable HR team is committed to the growth and smooth operations of the organization. With the company’s values at the heart of everything they do, the group is helping build our great culture.

Reading the employee reviews about WorkJam is what attracted me to this place. Experiencing the friendliness, passion, and dedication of all my coworkers is what keeps me here. WorkJam also breaks down the bureaucracy of typical workplaces and it shows! Their priority starts with their employees and radiates through their product and their continued success.
Aileen Liu
Human Resources Coordinator

Professional services

Organized, smart, and dedicated to our customers, the professional services team kickstarts and ensures successful implementations. Through a strong blend of business operation knowledge and technical expertise, the team is the best and brightest implementation team in the industry.

I work in Professional Services as a Functional Consultant and couldn’t be happier to be part of the WorkJam team! I have been here for just over a year and have had numerous opportunities to develop and grow and have been supported at each step. It’s great to be surrounded by so much knowledge and some of the best people I’ve met.
Functional Consultant


Our sales team is comprised of experts with deep domain expertise. Passionate about helping organizations operate in new, efficient ways, the sales team drives revenue to meet WorkJam’s ambitious growth.
Working at WorkJam has truly been rewarding. The company invested in my potential and took time to cultivate it. Since coming aboard, I have gained friends, mentors, and role models that I am very grateful for. Never have I ever experienced such rich and invigorating culture as I have here.
Business Development Representative