Employee Communication: Connect and Direct Your Frontline Workforce

Employee communication made simple. Empower your frontline employees with the essential information - when and where they need it. Ensure your message is not just delivered but read and understood by hourly employees. Our communications app offers many options for targeting, and sending your messages and alerts in the best format.

Frontline Employee Communication App

Streamline Hourly Communication Across Your Enterprise

WorkJam’s employee communication module bridges the gap between HQ and hourly workers. You can reach every single employee directly. Hourly employees love using WorkJam — on average, 89% of our customers’ frontline workers voluntarily adopt Workam.

Drive Company Culture, Diversity And Inclusion

Unify your workforce by bringing all employees together into one digital frontline workplace. Bridge language barriers with inline translations. And improve engagement, morale, and internal branding.

Hourly Employee Communication - Translation, Languages
Employee Communication Compliance

Decrease Liability With a Compliant Employee Communication App

Eliminate compensable time concerns by ensuring content is accessed only on-premise or on-shift while urgent messages can always be read. Remain fully compliant with labor laws. Mandatory messages, read receipts and audit reports provide operational clarity.

Target Your Messages With Precise Segmentation

WorkJam makes it easy and quick – less-than-a-minute quick – to segment your communication. Filter by location, position, region, department, training, certification and shift-status (e.g. on shift right now) to send your messages with surgical precision.
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Employee Communication Feed

Reduce The Risks Of Shadow IT

The best protection against employees using rogue apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, and WeChat is to make them obsolete. WorkJam’s communication functionality offers all the functions of social communication app but in a controlled, secure environment.

Boost Resilience With Effective Crisis Communication

Establish a single source of truth to dispense critical information, send urgent messages and instructions and collect feedback from your frontline locations. Provide certainty and direction to all of your frontline employees.

Replace Email Employee Communication
Report for Employee Communication

Measure Employee Communication Effectiveness With Comprehensive Analytics

Gain a clear understanding of your internal communication efforts. Measure how many hourly employees read leadership’s messages. Learn which and when content is read most and the best times to broadcast it.

Speak with a Communication Expert

Industry leaders choose WorkJam for true Workforce Orchestration: task management, training, communications, staffing, and more.

Employee Communication: Connect and Direct Your Frontline Workforce