Drive Workforce Orchestration Through any Collaboration Platform — Microsoft Teams, UKG, ADP, Salesforce & Others

Extend your collaboration platform to your entire workforce. WorkJam offers the frontline suite modularly, allowing you to reach your entire workforce effectively and compliantly.

Align HR, Operations, And IT

Provide all that the business needs on the terms IT establishes. WorkJam architecture delivers task management, communication, shift management, and training on whatever platform or infrastructure IT prefers.

Bridge The Gap Between Corporate And The Frontline

Get everyone rowing in the same direction by providing your Operations, Human Resources, Training, and Internal Communications departments with compliant, targeted access to your frontline.

Ensure Complete Compliance When Engaging With Your Frontline Workforce

WorkJam knows precisely when and where employees work which allows you to limit access through advanced fencing options. No more ambiguities about compensable time or fair labor standards.

Segment Your Workforce And Target Precisely

Out of the box, WorkJam groups employees based on location, job title, knowledge, certifications, skill sets, seniority, availability and other criteria. Dynamic group updates occur automatically when information changes, including promotions and skillsets.

Gather Valuable Data On Your Operational Efficiency

WorkJam brings clarity to frontline operations. Measure anything from content consumption, completed courses, duration of tasks executed. Dig in or zoom out with detailed reports for every level of the hierarchy.

Supercharge Microsoft Teams

Extend Microsoft Team’s ubiquity and communication capabilities with precise targeting and full frontline compliance. Take advantage of unused licenses by deploying Teams to your entire workforce.

Make Tools Like Teams And Workplace Smarter

We add value here too by helping as WorkJam can embed our extensive admin toolset and target audience engine into these solutions. This brings you next-level control and dexterity.

Reduce The Complexity Of Deployments And Future-Proof Growth Of Your Organization

Digital Launchpad makes it simple to bring everything else into your digital workplace, as you can centralize all 3rd party solutions through WorkJam in just minutes.

Leverage WorkJam capabilities in a 'headless' manner within other platforms - for example our geofencing capability - benefit from our micro-services architecture as you need

Embed WorkJam as discreet apps within your chosen collaboration platform. Tasks, Shifts, Learning, Comms, and more

Link and sync schedule and timecard data to any WFM/HR platform you have — IoT & LMS solutions too

Digital Launchpad brings in any 3rd party solution to improve its adoption with our 90% average adoption

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WorkJam is the platform industry leaders choose for true frontline orchestration: task management, training, communications, staffing, and more.