ExpressPay: Offer Frontline Workers Early Access to Wages Earned

Erase the anxiety, frustration, and anticipation of waiting for payday with ExpressPay. This revolutionary feature offers frontline workers early access to wages earned for a more financially secure workforce and a more engaged, productive, and customer-centric team. By enabling employees to tap into their hard-earned money early, you’ll attract and retain top talent while addressing a common pain point for hourly workers — the wait for payday.

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Boost employee retention

Combat the financial pressures that often lead hourly workers to seek alternative employment. ExpressPay provides early access to wages earned, giving your team the financial security they crave. This solution can reduce turnover, lower onboarding costs, and keep your most valuable asset — your employees — happy and engaged.

Enhance customer satisfaction

Financially stressed employees are more likely to be distracted and disengaged, impacting customer experience (CX). ExpressPay alleviates these worries, fostering a more focused and positive workforce. This approach translates to improved customer interactions and a stronger brand reputation.

Increase operational efficiency

Help your team avoid predatory payday loans, advance-pay apps, and even the need to take on a side gig with easy access to their earned wages. ExpressPay promotes financial wellness and empowers frontline workers to make sound financial decisions about the money they’ve already earned.

Build a financially healthy workforce

Educate frontline workers on important financial lessons with WorkJam Mobile Learning. Our in-app learning features help employees learn more to earn more. Use surveys to gain insights into their career objectives and then follow up with targeted training.

Welcome unbanked employees

Even workers without traditional bank accounts can take advantage of ExpressPay. WorkJam’s fee-free debit cards provide immediate access to earned wages, ensuring financial inclusion for your entire team. Take a step toward financial equitability with WorkJam.

Provide a seamless app ecosystem

ExpressPay integrates seamlessly with WorkJam’s comprehensive digital workplace solution. This holistic approach streamlines operations, encourages collaboration, and empowers your frontline workers to deliver exceptional results.  

  • Control the frequency of early access to wages to promote better financial management. 
  • Preset a maximum payout to guarantee sufficient funds for payroll taxes. 
  • Improve employee cash flow with WorkJam’s debit card or personal card linkage. 
  • Keep frontline workers informed and updated through detailed pay slips and annual tax forms. 

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