ExpressPay: Pay It Forward

What is an employee benefit that drives positive organizational behaviors? Early access to earned wages, ExpressPay. Attract and retain hourly workers by improving their economic security.

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Drive Employee Retention & Customer Satisfaction Simultaneously

With ExpressPay as part of our digital frontline workplace, you can directly improve the customer experience (CX) by enhancing the employee experience (EX).

Improve Workforce Dedication And Shift Coverage

Do you think your part-time employee base will prefer your open shifts to other options they have, if they know that they can get advance pay from you? We do.

Foster Employee Well-Being And Retention

Your Workforce Orchestration accelerates by improving your workforce’s cashflow and helping workers avoid usurious solutions from payday loans and 3rd party apps, employees will pay you back. As employees see you as an employer of choice, tenure increases, as does acumen and attentiveness to the consumer.

Upskill To Financial Literacy

Use WorkJam Mobile Learning to educate your workforce on key financial lessons. Help them help themselves. Survey them to gain career objectives insight, then follow that up with targeted training. Help them learn more to earn more.

Keep Them Whole

Send weekly pay slips to show each week’s totals clearly. Provide annual tax records as well.

Help Un-Banked Employees With No Fee Debit Cards

Offering your workforce the WorkJam Debit Cards Fee-free can solve a lot of issues for your workforce. ExpressPay can also be linked and synced to any debit card, company sponsored or otherwise.

Employer sets how often an employee can get paid before pay day

Max % payout ensures an employee banks enough to cover payroll taxes

Free WorkJam debit or personal debit card linkage improves employee cash flow and reduces bank NSF fee scenarios

Pay slips keep your employees whole and up to date. Annual tax forms too

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