Healthcare Orchestration: Bring staff together. Digitize tasks. Improve results at all levels

WorkJam links and syncs to WFM platforms, including UKG, Blue Yonder, and ADP. Extend your WFM's capabilities and reach your entire workforce.

Cure Staff Burnout

Intuitive next-generation self-service tools add value to your WFM platform by helping staff manage things like availability and PTO. It’s easy for qualified employees to pick up additional shifts across your network.

Cover More Shifts When You Make It Easy For The Workforce

Fill extra shifts wherever whenever your staff wants. That’s great news for staff, management and patients. While your WFM tool creates schedules for each department WorkJam broadcasts any open shifts and swap requests across the system – all clinics, groups, affiliate networks, hospitals, homecare, telehealth, other services, and subsidiaries, maximizing shift coverage.

Embrace A Digital Relationship With Your Teams

Digitize daily huddles, tasks, and timely information into the hands of your nurses, physicians – all your staff.

Reduce Payroll Costs And Agency Reliance

Maximize your part-time workforce with Open Shift Marketplace. Develop a ‘coverage culture’ as staff learn and love to pick up additional shifts where they are qualified at will and anywhere across your network.

Drive Retention, Too

As employees pick additional shifts and enjoy ‘learn more to earn more’ you will earn their trust and dedication.

Inspect What You Expect: Digitize Your Daily Tasks And SOPs

Daily walks, crash cart counts, and anything your staff does daily or weekly is now optimized through standardized, repeatable forms with clearly defined steps. Know where each of your departments and teams is with real-time task progress reports.

Develop Your Staff

WorkJam delivers Mobile Learning, assessments, and audits, allowing management to track training completion and certification status.

Become The Employer Of Choice

ExpressPay + Open shift Marketplace will drive retention further, especially among your part-time staff, as they develop a preference for your open shifts vs. other options they might have.

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WorkJam is the platform industry leaders choose for true frontline orchestration: task management, training, communications, staffing, and more.