Organizational Excellence with Union Compliance

Our Union Friendly, Digital Workplace helps you build a cohesive organization compliantly.

Download our white paper, How to Realize Incredible ROI through Frontline Workforce OrchestrationTM, which explores how to balance labor costs and workload, automated workflow impact and much more.

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Advance Your Organization And Their Careers

With Mobile Learning, Surveys, and communications, you can develop the cadence and skills you need for your various teams. Create learning tracks that encourage and reward growth and competition.

Let WorkJam Do Your (Shift) Bidding

Save manager time and money while ensuring shift coverage. WorkJam is built to handle open shift bidding and schedule bidding requirements. Our shift module also links and syncs with WFM platforms, including UKG, ADP, and BlueYonder.

Improve Safety On The Shop Floor

Reach everyone or any group in real-time. Train on new health and safety regulations with easy access video, SCORM, and xAPI files.

Onboard Efficiently And Follow Up With Ongoing Training

Onboarding with excellence through multiple touchpoints, including mobile learning, surveys, assessments, targeted communications. Automate the whole process so you can guide your new workforce across each employment journey milestone.

Digitize Compliance And SOPs

Create and deploy forms in no time to standardize quality control or compliance scenarios. Team members can follow through with photos, video and text to increase efficiency and accuracy.

Enable Growth

Equip your team members with more functionality as needs expand. WorkJam solves so many operational requirements in a single solution we can meet you wherever your roadmap takes you.

Upgrade Your Supplier And Customer Dynamics

Change paper-based processes like quality assessment and partner into an easy digital process. Digitize all paper-based processes and you are on track for an average 410% ROI.


Improve retention and attendance rates by improving employee cash flow. ExpressPay allows employees to get a fixed % of advanced pay for daily to bi-weekly. Sponsoring this benefit reduces the most significant stressor of the hourly worker – and it delivers daily dividends to any organization.

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WorkJam is the platform industry leaders choose for true frontline orchestration: task management, training, communications, staffing, and more.

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