Create a Direct Connection between You and the Workforce

Break the merchandising silo and open communication to your frontline workforce. Upskill and motivate them with product videos and training. Confirm their knowledge with surveys and assessments.

Monitor And Track Field And Location Merchandisers

Track All field activities in real-time and capture work hours and timesheets with Mobile Punch. Audit product pricing and placement with video and photo confirmations for plan-o-gram compliance and promotional compliance.

Vendor Communications And 3rd Party Success

Bring your vendors into the mix. Give them their own communications channel where they can talk shop and educate your teams. Assure vendor guidelines are met with specific tasks and monitor execution across all locations. Enable third-party merchandisers to conduct audits and measure the success of in-store merchandising strategies and more.

Place Your Brand Standards Right Into Their Hands

Deliver on your brand’s promise, every day and in every location. Ensure your frontline is well trained and exceptionally prepared–without leaving the floor. Onboard systematically and quickly. Audit with Ease.

Get Visibility Into The Marketplace With Closed-Loop Compliance

Improve display execution, and get clean, actionable data. Consolidate planning and execution within one platform. WorkJam checks more boxes and solves more merchandising problems than any solution you might evaluate.

Motivate And Reward, Instill Confidence And Pride

Rouse friendly competition across locations with display contests. Highlight exceptional knowledge in dedicated channels. Reward performance with public leaderboards.

Make Product Launches Successful And Exciting

Keep the workforce in the loop during the sourcing process. Build anticipation with bite-sized videos and facts about upcoming products. Deep product knowledge grows when presented in an engaging way.

Gather Qualitative Feedback Directly From The Source

Listen to the workforce. Keep your finger on the pulse of the store with quick polls. Gain deep insights with comprehensive surveys. Keep a feedback channel open, literally. Answer common questions once and for all with short explainer videos.

Develop Product Knowledge And Increase Store Revenue

Send all training and content directly to your workforce. Stay in the loop with detailed reports–by the team, location, region, or brand. Assess your associate’s product knowledge and presentation skills.

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WorkJam is the platform industry leaders choose for true frontline orchestration: task management, training, communications, staffing, and more.