Drive Productivity and Increase Customer Loyalty

WorkJam enables your operations, learning, HR and internal communications teams to connect directly with store employees. Better employee enablement, higher productivity and streamlined processes regularly achieve an ROI of 410%.

How to drive customer experience and reduce costs in Retail?

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Digitize And Simplify Tasks And Daily Operations

WorkJam simplifies operations by providing a comprehensive set of frontline tools through a single pane of glass. Focus on the things that matter: Site Execution, Brand Standards, Employee Engagement and Productivity.

Win At Omnichannel - Elevate Your Customer Experience

The importance of each store visit has grown exponentially. Equip employees with product knowledge and brand-defining customer service. Upskill them as well to take on more roles across the business.

Deliver On Your Brand's Promise - Every Day

Our Retail Task Management platform does much more for your at the frontline. Connect with everyone across the town or the fleet – compliantly – when they are on shift. Assign tasks and steps down to the shift of only certified staff. Monitor task, audit, and course completions in real-time

Improve The Employee And Customer Experience At The Same Time

Open Shift Marketplace shows shift opportunities wherever employees want to work. That’s great news for your customers. While your WFM tool optimizes schedules at each location WorkJam broadcasts remaining open shifts and swap requests across the region, maximizing shift coverage.

Capitalize On Your Success

90% of employees use WorkJam regularly because it becomes pivotal to do their jobs well. Deliver daily reinforcement on their role criticality in the guest experience. Record and post team huddles, saving time and money. Inform them on all aspects of the business – how you hire, train, inform, and develop employee careers. They will respond with higher retention and brand vision support.

Drive Compliance, Compliantly - Organization-Wide

WorkJam offers 4+ ways to get the job done compliantly. We’re shift-aware, punch-aware, and physical address-aware as well as IP fence-able. As frontline experts, we know how to make sure compensable work stays at work while allowing off-shift alerts to occur when needed.

Diversity, Inclusion, And Growth

Bring your workforce together. Bridge any divide through in-line language translations. Capture the voice of your employees with surveys and social functions. Democratize access to open shifts, learning, and tasks.

Clarity Matters

Improve frontline operations with actionable insights. Gain clarity with real-time and analytic reports on executed tasks, audits, course completions, shift covered and internal communications consumed.

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WorkJam is the platform industry leaders choose for true frontline orchestration: task management, training, communications, staffing, and more.