Task Management

Task management drives consistency across your entire organization. With context from employee communication, learning, staffing, and audits, task management delivers optimal and consistent results. Plan strategically at HQ, execute with precision on your frontline, and stay informed throughout the process.

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Task Management Preview WorkJam
Task Management WorkJam

Achieve Operational Excellence With Digitized Task Management

Standardize and Centralize Operational Execution. Operational planning, tasks and workflows get you there. Plan at HQ, identify dependencies and set milestones. Assign tasks to scheduled employees with the right skills. Tasks can be broken down into subtasks enabling exacting progress & updates.

Audit With Ease

Address root causes of problems with closed-loop actions. Notify managers, assign remedial coursework and follow-up tasks. Grade task completions and gamify execution among managers and team members through leaderboards.

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Inspect What You Expect With Realtime Reports

With real-time visibility into task completion and bottlenecks you can proactively manage each location. Gain actionable insight at every level of the operation hierarchy from centralized, automated workflow management and reporting.

Task Management Built For This Century

Effective task management is more than a checklist. We built our frontline task solution from the ground up with the help of leading national and global brands.

WorkJam Task Management Checklist

Deliver A Quality Customer Experience Consistently

Through our single interface promote enhanced compliance and accountability. Improve customer experiences and ensure quality.

Optimize Payroll Allocation With Rigorous Capacity Planning

Know exactly what each employee at any location is doing. Ensure consistent workloads across regions and locations are covered. Drive payroll compliance.

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Orchestrate Your Workforce From A Single Digital Workplace

WorkJam embeds communication, learning, and staffing alongside tasks on a single pane of glass for maximum operational excellence. Modern Task Management belongs in a single frontline solution.

Targeted messages based on worker locations, roles, skills, or interests

Location audits based on real-time data with auto-corrective actions

Realtime updates with leaderboard views

Step granularity with video and photo confirmations

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Industry leaders choose WorkJam for true Workforce Orchestration: task management, training, communications, staffing, and more.