Enable C-Store Success for Every Employee, Every Shift, Every Day

Running successful convenience stores requires having engaged and productive employees. WorkJam is the all-in-one user-friendly mobile app for streamlining operations and increasing employee engagement so your frontline employees and store managers can focus on delivering exceptional customer service.

WorkJam offers four best-of-breed modules to help C-Store employees complete all the necessary elements of their job. Select one module and scale as your needs grow or deploy them together to orchestrate your entire frontline workforce.


Break down communication silos and create a more connected team environment. WorkJam facilitates two-way communication between leadership and frontline teams so everyone is on the same page.  


With WorkJam’s targeted audience feature, you can send and post targeted messages based on store location, district, region, role, or shift to ensure your employees see what’s most important to them and nothing else. You no longer have to rely on clipboards, bulletin boards, sticky notes, or your store managers to deliver the information you need your employees to have.  


By using WorkJam to improve communications, you can ensure your employees are up-to-speed on store specials, policy and procedure changes, food safety, POP requirements, suggestive selling and everything else vital to a successful C-Store.  

Task Management & Store Audits

Ditch the clipboards, paper checklists, and scattered instructions with WorkJam’s task management module. Keep your team on top of everything, from restocking shelves and managing hot food prep to ensuring food safety protocols are met. Track progress visually by requiring photo or video for proof of completion and enable managers to optimize tasks based on real-time store needs. 


Use task management to create and complete store audits that can be scored and tracked across your entire store portfolio to ensure your locations are ready for their next inspections. Tasks can even be configured to create automatic workflows so certain issues trigger corrective workflows like notifying maintenance or HQ to place orders.  


WorkJam eases the burden on your store managers by offering scheduling options ideal for C-Stores. Employees can pick up and trade shifts in five unique ways that improve work-life balance and flexibility for them while still allowing for oversight and approval from your managers. Significantly reduce labor costs and drive efficiencies at your stores like never before by making it easier to fill open shifts.  


WorkJam’s scheduling module also integrates with your WFM, giving your employees one place to go for all their scheduling needs without having to change the way you work.  


Attract, retain, and develop your best talent through “in-the-flow-of-work” micro learnings. Having employees watch training videos on an office computer then initialing a piece of paper to verify completion is antiquated and inefficient. With WorkJam, your employees can learn and upskill with the device that’s in their pocket. Plus, WorkJam can maintain compliance by geo-fencing so employees can’t access certain elements when not on the clock.   


WorkJam also promotes a positive company culture through badges and gamification. Make learning and development fun by creating a sense of competition that will drive employee engagement and retention.

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WorkJam is the platform industry leaders choose for true frontline orchestration: task management, training, communications, staffing, and more.