Meet our Leadership Team​

Our leadership team is made up of serial entrepreneurs with deep experience in building world-class enterprise software companies, and experts that have held senior roles in companies with thousands of frontline employees. We understand enterprise software, and we understand your business.

Steven Kramer

Chief Executive Officer

Joshua Ostrega

Chief Customer Officer

Will Eadie

Chief Revenue Officer

Catherine Roy

Chief Operating Officer

Louise Clements

Chief Marketing Officer

Vickie Laurendeau

Chief Human Resources Officer

Marc-André Dupéré

Chief Financial Officer

Mark Sadegursky

Chief Product Officer

Mike Zorn

Vice President Workplace Strategy

Andrew Myers

Managing Director APAC

Mark Williams

Managing Director EMEA

Melissa Schanck

Chief of Staff

Board of Directors

Steven Kramer

Irwin Kramer

Joshua Ostrega

Bruce Taragin

Dennis Kavelman