Maximize Your Workforce Availability and Capability along with Customer Coverage

Open Shift Marketplace expands employee access to your shifts helping you do more with the staff you have across each location and across each district.

Drive Retention And Become Employer Of Choice

Increasing employee shift access as well as work/life balance can turn you into an employer of choice. Part-timers will also prefer your shifts vs. other employers - especially if you offer the option for same-day pay.

Learn More To Earn More

WorkJam can gate open shifts to workers with specific skills and certifications. Employees can earn access to additional shifts on the fly by taking any requisite coursework through our mobile learning suite. Increase Access to Open Shifts with Mobile Upskilling.

Union Compliant Shift And Schedule Bidding

Automate and simplify this tedious process while keeping union representatives happy. Managers broadcast open shifts or schedules while employees choose their preferences. Managers can quickly review their choices against Union criteria.

Do More With Less

Share employees through a platform built for it. Employees can seek appropriate shifts anywhere they want. Create a culture of coverage. Maximize the bandwidth of your part time or seasonal workforce. Become the employer of choice.

Swap A Shift Five Ways, Not Just One

More options mean your employees can help find their own coverage freeing up manager time. Fewer call-offs increase labor coverage and save managers hours each week. Managers can approve requests.

Link And Sync With Any WFM Platform Through Proven Technology

WorkJam fully integrates with every Workforce Management system in real-time. It delivers a complete set of self-service functions, too.

Broadcast Open Shifts Beyond Their Home Location

Most WFM tools optimize schedules for a single location, making staffing across locations cumbersome. WorkJam Open Shift Marketplace knows what each employee can do and shows them shift opportunities wherever they want to work.

Open shift broadcasting lets you staff beyond location boundaries. Make it easy for workers to pick extra shifts anywhere they choose
Enhanced Labor Utilization Tools as employees can pick additional shifts anywhere
Advanced Shift-Swap logic offers 5 ways to swap, not just 1
Learn-in-the-flow tools improve your shift coverage capacity

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