Don't Just Manage the Workforce - Orchestrate it

WorkJam links and syncs to any WFM platform to deliver all you need done at the front line from within a single app.

Win Each Day - WorkJam Breadth And Depth Of Functionality Gets You There

Reach out beyond directors and managers, compliantly down to each worker. Task, Audit, Learning, and Open Shift Marketplace ensures customers encounter the same experience from coast to coast and country to country.

Source Shift Coverage Needs Across Each Market And Region

Every employer needs to increase workforce capacity to take on more. You need a solution that can easily upskill and share staff by broadcasting shifts beyond an employee's home location.

Enable Shift Swaps Five Ways, Not Just One

More options mean your employees are more likely to find their own coverage. Fewer call-offs increase labor coverage and save managers hours each week. Move beyond limiting 1:1 requests. Share labor across districts with Open Shift Marketplace too.

Learn & Earn

Gate your best open shifts to only those who have made the grade. WorkJam lets you ascribe skills to shifts so that your best-equipped employees can serve at the best times. Skills can be earned through Mobile Learning, Rewards or 3rd party integrations.

Drive Employee Retention + Customer Satisfaction Simultaneously

With ExpressPay as part of the Digital Workplace, you can directly improve the customer experience (CX) by enhancing the employee experience (EX). Happier employees means a happier customer.

Provide Workers With A Total Frontline Solution Through Bi-Directional WFM Integrations

Schedule View, Time-Off Requests, Time Card Management, Voluntary Time-Off. Attestation improves compliance, saves time for managers and makes employees part of the conversation. WorkJam integrates to any WFM solution including UKG, ADP, and BlueYonder.

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WorkJam is the platform industry leaders choose for true frontline orchestration: task management, training, communications, staffing, and more.