Increase retention, raise productivity, boost compliance

WorkJam provides distributors with the tools they need to increase their operational efficiency and reduce turnover.

Improve Your Onboarding And Retention

Close the hiring loop and retain the employees you’ve trained. Streamlined onboarding shortens the time to productivity. Gamification and leaderboards improve engagement and retention.

Boost Compliance With Streamlined Audits

WorkJam keeps a complete audit trail for crucial communication and important trainings. Cut your audits from hours to minutes.

Simplify Shift Coverage With An Open Shift Marketplace

Broadcast open shifts to eligible employees. Enable employees to swap shifts with qualified coworkers. Offer schedule predictability while making sure to keep shifts covered.

Raise Productivity Across The Warehouse

Cut down on waiting lines when employees clock in and out. Save manager time by automating administrative tasks and equipping warehouse workers with self-service tools.

Ensure The Safety Of Employees, Customers, And Your Community

Reach all employees with critical updates. Systematically train on updated health and safety regulations. Reinforce learnings with assessments. Make certain security protocols are upheld with regular tasks.

Enable Your Team Members With More Functionality

WorkJam solves for so many operational needs in a single solution we can meet you wherever your roadmap takes you, even as you grow and your needs expand.

Deal With Uncertainty Like Never Before

Enhanced crowdsourcing allows you to utilize your existing workforce better. Improved onboarding shortens the time employees need to become productive. Streamlined audits raise compliance and reduce liability.

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WorkJam is the platform industry leaders choose for true frontline orchestration: task management, training, communications, staffing, and more.