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Integrate & Embed WorkJam in Your Collaboration Platforms Through Microsoft Teams, UKG, ADP, Salesforce & More

The Ultimate Tool for Collaboration Extensibility

Your search for seamless frontline team management ends here. WorkJam integrations bring revolutionary flexibility and ease to your fingertips, integrating flawlessly with your existing platforms to bridge the gap between your corporate and frontline workforces. With WorkJam, your IT professionals can ensure an adaptable and compliant platform with the advanced fencing options you need for hourly workers. It’s a win-win across departments.  

Expand Platforms to Your Frontline

  • Frontline Capabilities: Enrich other platforms with WorkJam’s superior frontline solutions for Communication, Task Management, Learning, Flexible Scheduling, and Early Wage Access. 
  • Accessibility Redefined: Access WorkJam anywhere and everywhere, on any device, through our responsive web and app interfaces. 
  • Unmatched Integrations: Experience WorkJam’s deep integrations into Microsoft Teams to bridge the gap between desk and deskless workers. 
  • Extend WFM: Bring harmony to the discord of scheduling and staffing by extending your workforce management platform to your frontline workers. 
Employee Communication

Seamless, Effortless, Customizable

Experience the finesse of WorkJam’s integrated workflows that are: 

  • Seamless: Integrate smoothly with SSO and native team apps. 
  • Invisible: Customize icons, names, and themes to align with your brand. 
  • Optimized: Rapid deployment with Azure services catering to a dynamic workforce. 

Create a Dynamic Solution with UKG Pro Workforce Management

Extend UKG Pro Workforce Management with WorkJam for the ultimate frontline employee experience. Offer unparalleled operation functionality, flexible scheduling and staffing, and employee self-service without overburdening corporate administrators or field managers.

Harness the Power of AI to Bridge CX & EX with Qualtrics

Bridge the gap between feedback and action by integrating WorkJam and Qualtrics. Hear the voice of every customer and frontline employee to give you actionable insights that will revolutionize business.  


  • Responsive: Real-time customer feedback fixes problems immediately with automated frontline workflows.  
  • Engaging: Improve satisfaction and engagement for better retention.  
  • Compliant: AI-driven insights and processes keep your business, employees, and customers safe. 
  • Empowering: Unburden managers focused on boosting productivity and efficiency of frontline staff.

Supercharge Microsoft Teams

Supercharge your Microsoft Teams environment. WorkJam extends Team’s communication capabilities with full compliance for your entire workforce, making use of licenses and bringing everyone onto one platform for clear, targeted exchanges. 

  • Selective Functionality: Engage with independent modules tailored to your business needs. 
  • Full Feature Set: Leverage the full intellectual property of WorkJam flawlessly within Microsoft Teams. 
  • Responsive Design: Enjoy a fully responsive React application adhering to Teams’ UX standards. 

Simplify Deployments & Future-Proof Growth with Azure Services

  • User Provisioning Service: Seamlessly synchronize user data between WorkJam Server and Azure Active Directory. 
  • Teams & Channels Administration: Automatically organize Teams based on WorkJam’s hierarchy and deploy channels aligned with your organizational structure. 
  • Policy Administration: Apply and update messaging policies dynamically, adapted to user roles and shifts. 

Streamline Your Digital Frontline Workplace with Digital Launchpad

Our Digital Launchpad empowers your organization by centralizing all third-party solutions through WorkJam, making digital expansion simple, swift, and secure. By using WorkJam integrations, your IT team can confidently future proof your technology stack for growth and change.

Same Page. Same Code. Same Content. Different Platforms.

Integrating or embedding WorkJam in your collaboration platforms will simplify your IT management. Ready to transform your collaboration tools for your frontline?  

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WorkJam is the platform industry leaders choose for true frontline orchestration: task management, training, communications, staffing, and more.