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Provide Workers with a Total Frontline Solution

WorkJam fully integrates with every Workforce Management system in real-time. Deliver your frontline a complete set of self-service functions, featuring: Schedule View, Time-Off Requests, Time Card Management, Voluntary Time-Off. Attestation improves compliance, saves time for managers and makes employees part of the conversation.

Swap A Shift Five Ways, Not Just One

More options mean your employees are more likely to find their own coverage vs call off. Employees can swap shifts or release theirs to a pool of eligible coworkers. Fewer call-offs increase labor coverage and save managers hours each week. Share labor across the districts with Open Shift Marketplace too.

Never Miss A Shift

WorkJam synchronizes with any WFM system to present and alert on any shift changes. Employees can always see their schedules posted and know who they’ll be working with.

Simplify The TOR Process

Enable employees to make time-off requests that syncs with your HR or WFM solution.

Finally, Get Employee Availability Right

Knowing an employee’s true availability is half the battle to a perfect schedule. Enable your workers with the right tools.

Eliminate The Costly Lines At A Clock

Allow any device to become a WFM clock – goodbye, single point of failure! Geo & IP fence company-owned tablets so that your workforce has options for clocking.

Naturally Reduce Buddy Punching

When allowing personal mobile phones to punch in at designated areas, employees are far less able to clock in for a friend. (Did we mention we capture device IP for each punch?)

Then There’s Multi-Point Geofencing

If your worksites are large you only want certain points on the property available for punching. WorkJam lets you pinpoint using our multi-point geofencing technology.

Solve Time Card Issues

Time Card view and attestation makes it simple to ensure payroll will be right. WorkJam can also send weekly payslips discreetly and securely to all employees.

Manage requests in one place: Time Off, Availability Change, Requests to Cover, and VTO.

View and approve timecards. Send schedule updates in real-time.

Mobile Punch allows scheduled employees to punch at specific geo-points.

Intuitive UI for easy navigation and adoption. Available through personal or company devices. Kiosk option too.

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WorkJam is the platform industry leaders choose for true frontline orchestration: task management, training, communications, staffing, and more. Schedule a meeting with our Digital Workplace experts to learn how you can orchestrate your frontline workforce with WorkJam.