Dec 07, 2022

Bared Footwear joins the WorkJam Community in APAC

The partnership will see WorkJam assist Bared Footwear in streamlining internal communications, onboarding, and upskilling for their team members.

WorkJam assists HR leaders in scheduling, onboarding, managing, and real-time communications, all through the use of a single app. The app allows for operational efficiencies, collaboration, employee engagement, and higher retention by equipping frontline workers and head office employees with state-of-the-art solutions.

WorkJam is currently utilised by nearly 500,000 Australian employees to manage their staff through scheduling, upskilling, and onboarding.

Bared Footwear will embed the WorkJam platform into its operations to connect directly with the frontline workforce to ensure enablement, and completion of tasks, and improve productivity. The team will leverage WorkJam features of communication, chat, surveys, training, and task management.

Owner and Director of Bared Footwear Anna Baird hope the partnership with WorkJam will improve their learning and onboarding challenges as well as communication between stores.

“As our business grows, Bared Footwear needs a system that allows for seamless communication between stores, to help increase visibility on task management and for managers to ensure talent onboarding is seamless. This partnership with WorkJam will bridge the gap to these challenges.”

WorkJam Australia Managing Director APAC Andrew Myers says, “The team at WorkJam is incredibly excited to add Bared Footwear to our portfolio. As a leading fashion footwear brand, this relationship showcases our efficiencies in complete workplace management and engagement.”

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