May 16, 2018

Engagement Perks Up With The Launch Of WorkJam Rewards

Rewards Solution enables organizations to offer their employees tailored digital and physical rewards redemption through Rewards Fulfillment PartnersMontreal, Canada — May 16, 2018 – WorkJam, the industry leading Digital Workplace Platform, today unveiled WorkJam Rewards – a solution to enhance workforce employee engagement and performance. The solution enables employers to effortlessly operate a highly configurable rewards program directly within the WorkJam Digital Workplace. Employees can earn points through achievements and redeem these points through a curated rewards catalog offering merchandise, travel rewards, and gift cards, with award fulfillment logistics expertly serviced by Rewards Program Fulfillment Partners.

As part of the WorkJam Digital Workplace, employers can motivate their teams by recognizing performance and acknowledging achievements through specialized digital badges, points, and leaderboards. With WorkJam Rewards, new opportunities are now available to enhance the incentive programs and further improve engagement, achieve behavioral goals and celebrate employee performance.

“The release of our reward redemption functionality and open APIs for rewards is an exciting development for the WorkJam Digital Workplace,” said Steven Kramer, CEO of WorkJam. “This new offering, coupled with partnerships with leading fulfillment partners, provides our customers with endless opportunities to create meaningful corporate driven engagement strategies to further an elevated employee experience for their workforce at scale.”

“Online Rewards is proud to be a rewards fulfillment partner for the WorkJam Digital Workplace,” says Michael Levy, the CEO of Online Rewards. “WorkJam provides a powerful and engaging platform for driving employee performance improvements and with our extensive global fulfillment capabilities – we are helping WorkJam customers drive incremental performance improvements and returns.”

By enabling enterprises to further develop strategies to elevate their communications, staffing, training and task functions, WorkJam helps to reduce turnover, drive results, enhance the customer experience and improve overall business execution.

About WorkJam
The WorkJam Digital Workplace unleashes the potential of your enterprise workforce through agile scheduling, transformative communication, experiential learning, and tailored recognition.

WorkJam increases sales conversion, drives down labor costs, lowers absenteeism and attrition rates, improves compliance, optimizes labor in relation to demand, and improves the customer experience through a more motivated and engaged workforce. For employees, WorkJam delivers more control over their schedule, providing work-life balance, as well as the opportunity to develop skills, improve sales acumen, and maximize their earnings to advance their economic well-being.

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