How to drive Employee Engagement, Solve Burnout while increasing Patient Satisfaction

Keep frontline employees engaged and improve the patient experience with WorkJam.

After years of nurses’ hectic schedules, long shifts, and feelings that no one was listening, the healthcare industry is experiencing an attrition crisis. Turnover levels have reached nearly 30% as employees search for employers who value their services and make them feel engaged.

This attrition leaves managers in a cycle of hiring and training staff every few months, struggling to fill schedules with qualified employees, and wasting both time and resources. WorkJam helps managers in the healthcare industry keep nurses and staff feeling engaged and valued, leading to superior patient care and an attractive workplace culture.

WorkJam is a single-platform solution that makes it easier for nurses and staff to:

  • Communicate efficiently and securely with colleagues across the organization
  • Get the training they need to stay in compliance
  • Take control of their earnings through easy shift swapping and the Open Shift Marketplace
  • Provide feedback through surveys that management can use to improve operations 

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