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Call Centers

WorkJam’s digital workplace provides call centers with the tools they need to meet the demands of the call center employee through greater employee engagement.

Call Centers

WorkJam’s digital workplace provides call centers with the tools they need to meet the demands of the call center employee through greater employee engagement

To stay ahead of the competition and remain successful, call centers must overcome labor challenges around recruitment, retention, and maintaining qualified and trained staff.

These challenges are compounded by a market focused on increasing and unforgiving customer expectations.

How can call centers win?

Engaged employees. By cultivating a positive workplace experience, employers can boost employee productivity and knowledge, while reducing turnover and cutting operational costs through a superior employee experience.

In short, employees have come to expect a better employee experience. They expect to be informed and connected with their employer and feel well-equipped to do their job. They want more control and flexibility over their schedules regarding when and how many hours they work each week. They want their voices to be heard and to be recognized and rewarded for their achievements.

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How does the WorkJam Digital Workforce benefit each area of the Call Center Organization?

The WorkJam mobile and web platform extends existing workforce management systems (WFM) and enables employers to create a more efficient and productive call center with its out of the box self-service scheduling features that support having proper staff at their desks at the right times. Furthermore, with WorkJam, call centers can improve labor utilization while developing, empowering, and engaging their workforce. The WorkJam platform enables employees to manage their work life with intuitive resources like schedule management, task management, messaging, development, and training. With WorkJam, call centers can improve retention rates, align employees with business goals and reduce operational costs.

Hourly Associates.

Surveys show that lack of employer flexibility leaves 62.5% of hourly workers looking for new jobs. Employees can manage their own work-life balance with flexible scheduling with WorkJam.

Call Center - Hourly Employees


High turnover plagues call centers—managers can engage and retain call center employees by providing feedback and recognition. Companies with engaged employees see a 26% greater annual increase in revenue than those with disengaged employees.


Keeping up with fluctuating schedules is a major time drain for managers. WorkJam helps call centers adapt to changing labor demands by empowering managers with real time data and analytics about labor utilization.


Corporate Communications.

A WorkJam Study shows that 48% of employees at companies where communication is unclear are looking to change jobs. WorkJam simplifies messaging across all levels of the organization to boost employee knowledge and increase retention.

Training and Onboarding.

WorkJam’s Learning Experience System engages employees by putting training in the palm of employees’ hands. Disengaged employees make 60% more errors than engaged ones.

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