ExpressPay for Healthcare


Data sheet | WorkJam Express Pay for Healthcare WorkJam helps employers pay-it-forward, driving employee retention and patient satisfaction simultaneously by enabling same day pay. By fostering employee wellbeing, you help reduce financial stress, the most significant stressor of the hourly workforce. WorkJam ExpressPay solves all this by allowing employees to obtain a Read more

WorkJam for Operations


WorkJam for Operations Whether it’s healthcare or retail, distribution centers, or manufacturing, there is an overreliance on manual processes. To communicate with frontline workers, leadership depends on location managers to physically distribute information printed out in black and white or face-to-face conversation. There is no easy way to ensure frontline staff is aware Read more

Crisis Management


Data sheet | Start communicating with your entire frontline by next week Now more than ever, your frontline employees are looking to you for direction. WorkJam enables you to communicate company-wide and in real-time with your entire workforce, quickly train your teams at scale and receive instant feedback from your frontline. Get Read more

Utilizing a Digital Workplace in a Healthcare Environment


White Paper | Utilizing a Digital Workplace in a Healthcare Environment There is no doubt that there is a crisis in healthcare; with tightening labor budgets, resource challenges, and increasing patient expectations, no wonder turnover has been averaging 25% for the past few years. Of the employees who remain, they feel stressed Read more

WorkJam and Kronos: Total frontline workforce engagement for healthcare


Data sheet WorkJam, the leading global Digital Workplace Platform for frontline employees, and Kronos, the market leader in workforce management solutions, have partnered to create the ultimate employee experience. Together, WorkJam and Kronos enable customers to provide their frontlines with a solution to train, develop, motivate, engage, and retain employees. WorkJam adds Read more

WorkJam for Healthcare


WorkJam for Healthcare Keep frontline employees engaged and improve the patient experience with WorkJam. After years of nurses' hectic schedules, long shifts, and feelings that no one was listening, the healthcare industry is experiencing an attrition crisis. Turnover levels have reached nearly 30% as employees search for employers who value their Read more

What is a Digital Workplace… And Why Do You Need One?


White Paper | What is a Digital Workplace... And Why Do You Need One? Digital workplace platforms are creating a lot of chatter in executive circles. The companies who swear by them say they can improve employee engagement, reduce turnover, and even boost the bottom line. What are digital workplaces, though? And Read more