The Learning Experience at Tomorrow’s Workplace


White Paper How we learn at work is similar to how we learned at school: We sit in a classroom setting while a teacher tells us what we need to know. Unlike in school, however, information isn’t being doled out gradually. Instead, employees are expected to understand and process a massive amount of training in one Read more

Navigating Uncertainty by Creating a Resiliency Framework


White Paper Does your organization have a resiliency framework in place? No industry has gone untouched in the face of COVID-19, from restaurants and hotels to healthcare, from retailers and distribution centers to call centers – everyone has felt the effects of this worldwide crisis. Consumer patterns have completely shifted, perhaps for good, creating chaos for employers Read more

Humanizing Your COVID-19 Response – 4 ways to do it right


White Paper There’s no denying that COVID-19 has altered not only how people work, but also the way they feel about work. Addressing these issues while living through unprecedented times requires agility and innovation. Even if your operations teams feel like they have their approach to the pandemic sorted, managing in today’s new normal requires new Read more

WorkJam Essentials Package


Data sheet | Start communicating with all of your frontline employees by next week Companies from Forward Corporation to Shell, from Village Cinemas and Sticky Fingers to Ulta, are using use WorkJam’s Digital Workplace Platform to navigate the business challenges & opportunities and align over 2 million frontline associates towards the same Read more

Operations: Improve Frontline Execution, Compliance, and Customer Satisfaction


WorkJam for Operations Whether it’s healthcare or retail, distribution centers, or manufacturing, there is an overreliance on manual processes. To communicate with frontline workers, leadership depends on location managers to physically distribute information printed out in black and white or face-to-face conversation. There is no easy way to ensure frontline staff is aware Read more

Crisis Management


Data sheet | Start communicating with your entire frontline by next week Now more than ever, your frontline employees are looking to you for direction. WorkJam enables you to communicate company-wide and in real-time with your entire workforce, quickly train your teams at scale and receive instant feedback from your frontline. Get Read more

What is a Digital Workplace… And Why Do You Need One?


White Paper | What is a Digital Workplace... And Why Do You Need One? Digital workplace platforms are creating a lot of chatter in executive circles. The companies who swear by them say they can improve employee engagement, reduce turnover, and even boost the bottom line. What are digital workplaces, though? And Read more

A Day in the Life of an Engaged Hospitality Employee


Download: A Day in the Life of an Engaged Hospitality Employee Read how to avoid the turnover crisis in the hospitality industry by being taken through a day in the life of an engaged hospitality employee who uses Digital Workplace tools. Learn how hospitality corporations are using a Digital Workplace to prevent Read more